Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Happy birthday to me!! 24 was another fabulous year, I started a new job, married my best friend, started a blog, flew for the first time and went to the Dominican Republic. Gazing as my bride walked down the aisle,of course, tops year 24. Honeymooning in a foreign country (DR) with the bride was a close 2nd. 

25 already has plans to be an even better year. At the moment, we are planning our move to California and planning our next vacation. We’ve decided that San Diego is our ideal location for California but stil undecided on our vacation. 

Possible trips are: Greece, Spain, Morocco, Australia, South America or even back to the DR for our anniversary trip. We also plan to do a cruise sometimes in 2017 as well. So as you can tell we really don’t know….

One thing I do know is, I couldn’t imagine seeing the world without my wife by side. 


So here’s to 25, love and exploring the world. ūüćļ. Cheers


How to get up and go?

After coming home from a long day at work I keep telling myself that I do not want to do this. I would much rather be in one of the deserts of Africa or visiting the Greek islands. 

At the same time I read these articles that tell us how to “quit our job and travel the world”. I read these and get so excited but then I ask myself is it really possible. Can I really save money, quit my job and move  t another country?  I don’t know it seems like just a dream to me but if someone else did it, how come I can’t be next?!? 

Making the cross country move?!?

Taylor and I have been seriously considering packing up and moving across the country to San Diego. We are thinking of San Diego because of its weather, diversity and because its proximity to Mexico for surprise trips over the border. It’s already tough enough leaving family and potentially leaving our jobs to start fresh. In addition to that stress, Taylor was just told that she is now being looked at for a promotion. Now she’s conflicted, I’m conflicted and not sure where to go. 

What do you think? We were pretty set on the move to California and getting new jobs. We both have mixed feelings about our current positions and excited to leave retail for something new in San Diego. 

What do you all think? We’re young, should we pack up and go or stay and take advantage of much better promotion? ($$$$)

Everyday is a new adventure!

The wife and I were window shopping at TJ Maxx today and I ran into this gem.

I don’t usually find these things too amusing but today it hit me. Here I am everyday looking at all the exotic destinations that I wish I could be, always planning the next adventure. This reminded me that adventure can happen anywhere, even at work. All it takes is trying something new. Switch up the morning routine or something similar. God gave us this whole planet to enjoy. It’s awesome to see other places, but your own backyard is one of God’s beautiful creations as well. Let’s not take for granted the adventures we can have everyday. I think tomorrow I may take the scenic route home after work!!

Challenge: try something new everyday.


Cruise to Bahamas: Freeport/Nassau

Our cruise to the Bahamas was my first international trip and Taylor’s 3rd, or maybe 2nd. Being on a ship the majority of the time, you forget that you are in international waters but you are indeed.

What I enjoyed most about our Carnival Cruise is how easy it all was. From booking all the way to the day we disembarked. We started our planning about 8 months out and booked a couple of months later. Carnival gives you the option to pay a deposit to book your reservation and pay the rest 60 (I think) before departure date. This gives you plenty 11179973_10155475270280176_2978931153211978129_nof time to save money for the rest of the reservation and for excursions, gifts and activities on the ship or on shore. The best part of this process is that it does not take long to save because a cruise is an inexpensive way to travel. We booked our (mostly) all-inclusive vacation for $500 or $250 each (excluding gratuity and tax).


We decided to choose a port in driving distance so we would not have to book a flight. We drove 3 hours to Charleston, SC and boarded Carnival Fantasy. Checking in was fairly easy and routine. The only issue I had was during my bag check when the engagement ring almost fell out of my bag. Talk about a spoiler, didn’t happen though, so things went as planned. We had a couple of hours unknown delay but we finally got moving around 5pm. Right when I got adjusted to the movement of the water, we hear an announcement for the safety meeting. During this meeting, they give you instructions in case we are the next Titanic. It was unsettling but rewarding at the same time.


Long story short, buffet food is distasteful Luckily, there were other dining choices most of the time. There is a breakfast option for the early risers in the dining hall where it is a little better. Lunch buffet is decent depending on the day. Most days were themed (Mexican, Italian etc) . Most days I went the safe route with a hamburger after being dissatisfied. However there is a pizza bar that never fails to amaze. Dinner at the dining hall was always delicious. Steak and lobster night was the best. The dining hall also gave us the opportunity to meet new people at our dinner table. Overall the food was just average, definitely not a reason that will bring you back, but why complain. I did just pay $300 for an international vacation.

*Drink Package- 15 alcoholic drinks daily, unlimited everything else. $50/day.* -Worth it.


The entertainment was surprisingly good. Looking at the itinerary, it didn’t seem very interesting except for the adult game night. Of course we were optimistic and went in with a great attitude. One night there was an energetic musical that kept us entertained the whole show. The music went through the few decades of music. There were a couple of other great performances but this is the one that stuck out to me. One comedian was funny, the other not so much. The funnier guy also had an adult comedy show that was hilarious. The adult game show was also a lot of fun and wild. At one point there were 2 women and 4 guys on stage who had to pose as if they were in a porn scene. Interesting to what kind of porn these people watch…. Funniest part about this show is the word “switch”. Apparently there was a swingers group and every time “switch” was said they had to change partners.


I combined the two cities because Freeport isn’t much to talk about in my opinion. We did go to a beautiful beach there and shopped the souvenir shops but besides that it was not anything special. Oh and we connected to wi-fi to share our engagement to our families :). When I think of Nassau, Oprah Winfrey comes to mind. I keep asking myself, why does Oprah have two multi-million dollar home right next to each other on the coast. They were beautiful but right next to each other seemed like a bit much. But if you got it, why not flaunt it. I guess you have to when your neighbors are Michael Jordan and Nicholas Cage. We saw their homes from the catamaran of the Catamaran Boys. Great guys who made a great Bahama Mama.11169903_10155475270885176_2888580629375491914_n¬†The best part to me was the view of the sea from Senor Frogs. I could not get over how the water looked. Not to mention we got free shots for using a MasterCard.

Overall Trip

Overall I enjoyed the trip very much. I went on the ship with a girlfriend and left with a fiance so I can’t complain too much. It’s hard to answer the question “Would you prefer a land or sea vacation?”. I enjoy both the same honestly. The cruise was just simple and relaxing. You can wake up early and be active one day and the next day you can do nothing. Everything is there, and already paid. It’s nice not having to worry about your bank account at every meal. Find the whole gallery here

Next cruise is either Mexico or a Mediterranean cruise.What do you like most about cruises? Do you prefer land vacation over a cruise? Share below.



About Me/Taylor

Welcome to our Travel/Adventure blog. I am DeMarrius, and my wife Taylor and I imagewill be sharing our adventures and thoughts with you. Before we begin, let me tell you how I got to this blog.

I grew up in a small town called White House in Tennessee. Growing up there, I knew I wanted to see more once I had the opportunity. So the first big trip for me was to Destin, Florida. My first time to the beach and I fell in love with God’s world. The ocean blew my mind. A couple years later I went to Panama City Beach, Florida and loved that area too. Both the panhandle of Florida. I went to Panama City a few more times (Spring Break) and then I got exhausted of that area. I now realize this was when “wanderlust” started to grow in me.

I went on a few more trips but the trip that made me want to explore the world was my cruise to Bahamas in April of 2015. I fell in love with the beauty of meeting new people and indulging in diffident cultures. I also proposed this trip as well so I’m sure that added in some of the excitement. Fast forward a year later, we get married and off to Dominican Republic (Punta Cana). First time flying as well. We loved our resort but we knew we wanted to see how life was outside of the resort sonwe paid for two excursions that allowed us to see the country. Once again beautiful oceans, fields and mountains. Overall a very beautiful place, highly recommend.

So on this blog we will share our trips, destinations we wish to go, our travel plans and much more. Let’s us know if you have any suggestions on the blog or traveling ¬†hope you enjoy.

DeMarrius & Taylor