Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Happy birthday to me!! 24 was another fabulous year, I started a new job, married my best friend, started a blog, flew for the first time and went to the Dominican Republic. Gazing as my bride walked down the aisle,of course, tops year 24. Honeymooning in a foreign country (DR) with the bride was a close 2nd. 

25 already has plans to be an even better year. At the moment, we are planning our move to California and planning our next vacation. We’ve decided that San Diego is our ideal location for California but stil undecided on our vacation. 

Possible trips are: Greece, Spain, Morocco, Australia, South America or even back to the DR for our anniversary trip. We also plan to do a cruise sometimes in 2017 as well. So as you can tell we really don’t know….

One thing I do know is, I couldn’t imagine seeing the world without my wife by side. 


So here’s to 25, love and exploring the world. 🍺. Cheers


How to get up and go?

After coming home from a long day at work I keep telling myself that I do not want to do this. I would much rather be in one of the deserts of Africa or visiting the Greek islands. 

At the same time I read these articles that tell us how to “quit our job and travel the world”. I read these and get so excited but then I ask myself is it really possible. Can I really save money, quit my job and move  t another country?  I don’t know it seems like just a dream to me but if someone else did it, how come I can’t be next?!? 

Everyday is a new adventure!

The wife and I were window shopping at TJ Maxx today and I ran into this gem.

I don’t usually find these things too amusing but today it hit me. Here I am everyday looking at all the exotic destinations that I wish I could be, always planning the next adventure. This reminded me that adventure can happen anywhere, even at work. All it takes is trying something new. Switch up the morning routine or something similar. God gave us this whole planet to enjoy. It’s awesome to see other places, but your own backyard is one of God’s beautiful creations as well. Let’s not take for granted the adventures we can have everyday. I think tomorrow I may take the scenic route home after work!!

Challenge: try something new everyday.